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ABOUT Nutbet

We are developing innovative solutions in the online casino market. Nutbet was established from an idea to fuse crypto solutions with online casinos.


Our unique portal for management offers simplified overview of what is currently happening on the casino

Don't trust, verify

Cryptography and blockchain technologies solve every trust issue by providing mathematical guarantees.
The result is reduction of operating cost for all participants in supply chain.

In the gambling industry, one of the central issues is the issue of trust:

  • Players need to trust the game fairness.
  • Casinos need to trust the lost bets can not be reclaimed by players.
  • Owners of multiple gambling sites need to trust operators of those sites.
  • Regulators need to trust operators have enough money to pay the advertised wins.
  • Developers receiving revenue share need to trust balance sheets.

Turn the tables

Are you a player and don't like the odds? Turn the tables. Become the house.
With our technology, playing the role of casino owner is easier than ever:


Our server supports unlimited number of sites. Just fork one for yourself.


Our application store model enables a marketplace of solutions.


Feeling creative? Build your own games easily with our SDK.

By builders, for builders

Fast and easy prototyping

Our technology is not just a product, it's a platform. Build your next competitive advantage easily and quickly with our powerful tools.
We provide tools for:

  • Game mathematics design.
  • Easy creation of responsive layouts.
  • Omniplatform support out of the box.
  • Customization and localization support.
  • Game deployment.

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